The Fiery Scotsman : Tsunami Aftermath Hachinoe
I had only been in Hachinoe a couple of day's. I arrived on the Tuesday night and joined the Chikyu in the Port of Hachinoe the following morning.

There was a large earthquake on the Wednesday, just after I joined the ship and then n the Thursday there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake but, only in Japan could you have a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and it still be business as normal. No damage to any buildings, the the train system was affected. As a precaution all high speed train services stop until the lines have been checked.

What happened from the Friday afternoon until we were able to berth at the quay again a week later will never be forgotten. Nor will I forget 3 weeks later sailing through a sea full of debris as we made our way to Yokohama for repairs.

This is just a few images from the afternoon when we docked again in Hachinoe (we had spent a week 100 meters from the quay with our anchors twisted up and one thruster ripped off on the quayside and a hole in our hull. The initial surge was big enough to lift the 60,000 Ton Chikyu up and almost completely over the quay. We have a 10 meter draft!).