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Yūrakuchō Isakaya, Tōkyō


Ginza, Tōkyō two

Leica_Neo1600_DiaF_691 - Version 2

Leica_Neo1600_DiaF_697 - Version 2


Ginza, Tōkyō

Leica_Neo1600_DiaF_701 - Version 2

Leica_Neo1600_DiaF_700 - Version 2


Kabukichō, Tōkyō three

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_032 - Version 2

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_030 - Version 3


Kabukichō, Tōkyō two

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_031 - Version 2

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_045 - Version 2


Kabukichō, Tōkyō one

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_027 - Version 2

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_057 - Version 2

Rollei35SE_Neo1600_DiaF_049 - Version 2

Kabukicho, the old red light district of Tokyo’s Shinjuku rates for me as one off the most amazing places in the world.
Night time photography here is almost as stunning as the characters you meet...


fuck the mid tones...

I just had to post this after my friend over at My Sari Sari Store told me about it.



Butcher_San Miguel_ 2011-02-13

Butcher_San_Miguel_  001


back in business...

Leica_Neo1600_DiaF_279 - Version 2

Almost! Still a few things to tweak on this site but hopefully there will be more regular post’s this year and maybe even some rants or thoughts on the state off the world we live in. One thing you will notice is that your not able to comment on the blog. I turned that off as I no longer comment on other people’s sites, so this way if I do get the odd comment I don’t feel pressurised to visit that person’s site and return the favour, however you can send me a message via the Contact form and I will reply to you. AD3WPCDVEJWH